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Wireless Vision supports veterans with 700 hygiene kits, $5,000 donation

DETROIT, Mich. — In a show of support for Detroit Wayne County military veterans, Wireless Vision employees from across the country assembled 700 hygiene kits and made a donation of $5,000 to the Disability Network Wayne County Detroit on Dec. 3.

The hygiene kits were assembled as part of Wireless Vision’s annual meeting, which always includes a company-driven group project to help the underserved. Metro Detroit veterans will receive the benefits as part of regular engagement with the DNWCD.

“We applaud the good work the Disability Network Wayne County Detroit does for our military veterans, who deserve our thanks and support,” said Saber Ammori, chief executive officer of Wireless Vision. “The Disability Network Wayne County Detroit serves not only veterans, but underserved families, the homeless, disabled, and many others in need in Detroit and Wayne County. The DNWCD has over 5,000 clients annually, and we know our donation will go directly to reach our friends with a hand up.

“T-Mobile and Wireless Vision both have a strong passion for supporting veterans and our community. We’re happy to support the DNWCD in their work and welcome the chance to help those in need.”

Disability Network Wayne County Detroit is a nonprofit organization that provides community services, resources, and advocacy. Its mission is to empower, educate, and advocate for individuals with disabilities while promoting independent living, inclusion, and accessible pathways.

“We love our work, and can only do it with the support of wonderful partners like Wireless Vision,” said Lori Hill, executive director of DNWCD. “The services we supply – housing, transportation, emergency services, consulting and counseling – are in great demand. Around the holidays, the need for support is even greater for our veterans, families, and children who are part of our network.”

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