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Ask just about any of our team members what they like best about working with Wireless Vision, and we have no doubt that you’ll hear the same answer time and time again: the culture. The family-like vibe is what makes our teams tick. They also love to see each other create new ideas, build awesome teams, and continue to succeed. What makes you different makes us better. We empower you to be your true self. Every team member is encouraged to step up and step out be a part of the vision.

Rob Fallis

Properties Maintenance Manager ROB’S STORY

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Gianna Marx
Communications Manager

The people make WV what it is! Everyone is so passionate about what they do, which makes for a great environment. I love having the opportunity to collaborate with all of the departments and partner with people throughout the organization to bring WV’s culture to life through communication.

The Passion for our People is the core value I appreciate most. WV family is not just a thing people say. It’s something you feel the moment you join the organization. Everyone truly wants to see others succeed and is willing to help out in any way they can. Leaders are passionate about doing what’s right for their teams and are always looking for innovative ways to improve the WV experience.

Janice Farrell-Rawls
Field Director, People & Engagement

This place certainly has lived up to everything that I read and heard.
The culture is amazing! They genuinely care for and appreciate their employees. I appreciate being able to collaborate with other departments, having a voice, and being able to inspire change. The diversity of thought is truly embraced.

Lindsey Marvicsin
Director of Commissions

There is something so unique about Wireless Vision. For me, it boils down to two big things. The first is that I come to work and make a difference every day. I can see firsthand the effect my efforts have on the broader organization. The second is that we are truly a family here. In my previous professional life I have never experienced this phenomenon, where I could say I sincerely cared, from a deep personal level, about this entire company. I love the people I work with, and I am so grateful to have one of the hardest working teams out there. We are also lucky to be part of a department that is constantly changing, providing a consistent challenge for all of us. You can tell we belong here, because we thrive in this environment! WV IS the place to be.

The core value that I most closely relate to is Stay Hungry, Love the Hustle. I would say that embodies how our team operates. Don’t lose the hunger that keeps you striving to be your best. And don’t ever stop loving the hustle that sets you apart.

Nicole Schmitt
Director Of Asset Protection

WV fosters an environment that encourages diversity of thought and creativity. Every day you have the opportunity to be an agent of change for the betterment of the organization. In my role I have the opportunity to partner with so many talented people across the organization. Each day is an opportunity to work with these individuals to affect change and continue to make WV the place to be.

The core value I related to most is Passion for our People. WV would not exist without the individuals that put forth 110% effort every single day, and I have a duty to support them throughout their journey.

Rob Fallis
Properties Maintenance Manager

Wireless Vision is the place to be for the family. Plain and simple. WV has some of the most genuine people I’ve ever met. I also love the challenge. Nothing goes to plan every day, so every day is different. It forces me to learn daily and think fast.

What I appreciate most is WV’s core value of “Work Hard, Play Hard” because I’m not here to coast by and that doesn’t stop after work hours. Luckily WV knows how to throw a party.

Shaun McGowan
Talent Acquisition Manager

We’re an All-Star team. WV represents a diverse group of talented individuals from other companies, walks of life, and demographics that unite together as a family to be an absolute game-changing organization. I get to tell our story every day to people who may or may not know who we are. My social media and my general persona are the first that people interact with. It’s not heavy. It’s a privilege and a blessing.

Our passion for people is the single core value that drives the rest, and it represents our success, past and future.