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Wireless Vision to Bring Community and Heart to Southern California in 91-Store Acquisition

Feb. 28, 2019 — Wireless Vision, T-Mobile’s largest independent retail partner, is proud to announce the acquisition of TM Wireless Inc. and its 90 plus T-Mobile Retail stores in the southern California area.

With the addition of the new locations, Wireless Vision will now be an integral part of the Los Angeles community and infrastructure, bringing the Wireless Vision culture and opportunity to over 656 stores across the United States.

This purchase marks a significant step in the growth strategy of Wireless Vision and its ability to infuse itself with the surrounding community.

“Wireless Vision has always strived to create a strong sense of family, from top to bottom, and in doing so we have been able to continually grow as a company. This growth is fueled by the dedication of our world-class sales and service team that creates a culture focused on customers’ needs,” said Saber Ammori, CEO of Wireless Vision.

“We are more excited than ever to strengthen our amazing relationship with T-Mobile, and our expansion in the southern California area allows us to continue our growth, both internally and externally, as we hope to fully ingratiate ourselves in our enveloping community.”

Wireless Vision is equally dedicated to cultivating and caring for both existing and acquired employees and has been regularly voted Top Place to Work. Wireless Vision secured all store and field level employees in the acquisition and continues to prioritize job security. Moving into the Los Angeles area allows Wireless Vision to continuously grow and create job opportunities without displacing anyone, as each individual is intricate to the Wireless Vision operational model.

In an effort to fully integrate new employees into the ever-present Wireless Vision passion, they will be enrolling employees in their Leadership Academy, which aims to completely immerse each employee in the on-boarding process. This unique approach to job education and culture building allows individuals to master core aspects of their roles by directly engaging and learning from field leaders and department managers, teaching them ways to strengthen their skills as leaders to help them drive more profitable businesses.

Wireless Vision, headquartered in Bloomfield Hills, Mich., has grown significantly in recent years and with every inch of growth has come a deeper dedication to the team Wireless Vision fosters within. Wireless Vision goes to great lengths to ensure an environment that not only contributes to the internal work culture, but to community as well.

Wireless Vision has an exemplary history of giving back to the community as showcased through their successful charitable outreach. Previously, WV has been able to give back to the community in a way that directly echoes the heart and soul of the company. By growing their presence in the Los Angeles area, Wireless Vision knows that their imagination for the company can come to fruition by instilling new and already established employees with a deep-seated love for the work they do.

Wireless Vision plans to continue to grow within the industry and strive to always be the best in class. For more information or to apply, please visit www.wirelessvision.com.



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