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We're All In This Together

Your safety comes first

Select a box below to see the steps we are taking to safeguard our employees and customers.

For additional information on T-Mobile’s response to COVID-19, please click here.

Our People
The health and safety of our employees is a priority. We are asking all employees who do not feel well to stay at home and follow CDC guidelines. We are also utilizing a daily health assessment to ensure employees are feeling well, and taking that time away as needed.
Controlled Entry
We're limiting the number of employees, as well as customers inside each location, to ensure we follow the recommendations of the CDC.
Social Distancing
You will see decals within the location that provide guidance on where to stand to help safeguard you while in the location. This aims to follow the CDC guidelines of 6' for social distancing. We also have some locations providing curbside service exclusively.
At this time, some states and counties may vary on PPE requirements for either all persons in public, or all essential employees. We continue to follow CDC guidelines as well as jurisdiction requirements, and have also taken the step to require that all employees where face coverings during the course of business.
We have increased the frequency of cleaning in our locations, including regularly disinfecting high touch areas.
Touchless Resources
A number of touchless resourses are available, such as Account Support, Software & Data Transfer Support, and Hardware & Troubleshooting Support.